The reality of climate change.

The reality of climate change.


A recent study released by the U.N on the topic of climate change is a most sobering document. Compiled over a period of 5 years by several hundred authors the report warns of rising seas, dwindling food supplies and the prediction that the poorest people in the world who have had virtually nothing  to do with causing global warming  will bear the brunt of the consequences.


“The oceans are…

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Thank you Stockholm!


Last weekend saw us in Stockholm to celebrate Andy’s birthday. We both love Scandinavia and have previously visited Finland. Sweden is such a lovely country…interesting…clean and expensive!


Andy’s birthday falls on March 29th and on that day we went to visit the ABBA Museum. The Museum opened last year and commemorates  super Swedish pop group ABBA who won the Eurovision song contest in 1974.…

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The Conservatory.

conservatory 012

Early morning sun casts dappled shade in a corner of the conservatory. conservatory 004

Olive, Fig and Lemon…newly repotted.

conservatory 006

Ganesh…remover of obstacles looks to the East.

conservatory 009

Buddha brings serenity.

conservatory 010

Tomato plants are looking good.

conservatory 011

Seating area sorted.

conservatory 008

Yes! We’ve finally got the conservatory sorted out. Up to now this has been a sort of dumping  area. Recycling stuff, tins of paint, building materials, all…

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Daffodil days.


I love Daffodils!  For me they are a sign that Winter is gone…the sap is rising…and the garden is springing into life again. The power of the Sun is growing daily and soon we shall have longer evenings. The joy of a new season is upon us.


Historically the Daffodil has been associated with bad luck…especially in matters of poultry rearing. It was said that if a single flower was picked and…

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Chester Beatty & Dooney point walk 014

Don’t know if this is the man himself but it fits the popular image we all have of him. This is on a building in the grounds of  Dublin Castle. We went there last week to visit the Chester Beatty Museum.

Today as usual on Paddy’s Day we are at home working in the garden. We always plant some of our potatoes on this day. Ratte is the one we are planting today. Ratte is a lovely chestnut…

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Sadness in a place of beauty…

Sadness in a place of beauty…

Scoodoos and lough gara 044

A few days ago I was on the way to visit a friend when I decided to take a detour by Lough Gara. It was a day of very low cloud which meant everything was very still and quiet.

Scoodoos and lough gara 045

It was hard to tell where the sky ended and the water began.

Scoodoos and lough gara 046

Apart from an occasional car passing by and a few ducks quacking as they flew away the silence was beautiful. How often do we immerse ourselves in total…

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Ever met a Scoodoo?

Ever met a Scoodoo?

Scoodoos and lough gara 004

This is a pile of twigs! Before your very eyes it will turn into a Scoodoo. If you want to know more about the tree spirits that are Scoodoos go to http://www.scoodoos.com. Under the tutelage of Ciaran Burke and his wife Hanna from Kilmovee, Co. Mayo we made our very own Scoodoo to go in the garden.

Scoodoos and lough gara 005

First you get some fresh branches or long twigs. Don’t use dried out stuff as it will be too…

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Swans by Lough Meelagh.

Swans by Lough Meelagh.


What is it about Swans that we find so appealing? Their noble air and graceful movement enchant us.

To the Druids the Swan was said to represent the soul. It is said that they performed their rituals standing under an Oak tree clothed in a pure white cloak…the cloak being made from the skin and feathers of Swans. Their whiteness symbolising purity and perfection.


Swans are said to mate for…

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A favourite haunt.

A favourite haunt.


Yesterday was the start of National Tree Week in Ireland. To mark the day we went to Knockranny Woods just outside Keadue village. Sadly on this occasion Bards in the Woods were a small group but that made it none  less the enjoyable.


The flooding from the wettest February on record has not yet receded here.


No walking on the shore line today.


Within the forest the stony paths were nice and…

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Patience… http://wp.me/s3fXu3-patience

"everything comes in time to him who knows how to wait…there is nothing stronger than these two: patience and time, they will do it all."        Leo Tolstoy. War & Peace.

Patience… http://wp.me/s3fXu3-patience

"everything comes in time to him who knows how to wait…there is nothing stronger than these two: patience and time, they will do it all."        Leo Tolstoy. War & Peace.